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NoobMeter Performance Rating algorithm description


NoobMeter Performance Rating is rating players primarily on win rate and damage.

Win rate, because winning is what in my opinion matters the most. I think a lot of the other parameters are easily manipulated, such as by suicide scouting, only shooting at near-dead enemies to boost kills, capping when there is no need for it, or even camping near base and farming defense points - in all of the cases not helping the team that much, but having a chance to boost some parameters for some of the ratings.

I think where this spotting, killing capping, defending is productive and helpful, it will be reflected at win rate.

So why not stop at win rate? Because it can be farmed by CW, tank companies or good platoons. However, when doing this it becomes difficult to achieve good damage, as clan or platoon mates will also play well and compete for doing the damage.

Damage is also somewhat hard to boost, especially if you want to do it in conjunction with win rate.

Therefore, a combination of both is a set of parameters that you cannot boost without helping the team. So the best way to boost NoobMeter Performance Rating is by playing the game well, and trying to help the team win.

Win rate component

Win rate part is easy - we linearly give more points for winrates higher than the average ones, and less points for winrates lower than average ones.

winrateRatio = playerWinrate / expectedWinrate
expectedWinrate = 0.4856
winrateWeight = 500
winrateComponent = winrateRatio * winrateWeight

Damage component

Damage part calculates the expected damage that the player should have done, based on the tanks he has played. Tank nominal damage is specified per each tank separately, but usually the differences between tank tier-type combinations are small or often non-existent, for example, t10 meds have ~2100 damage, t10 TDs ~2600, t8 heavies ~1400, and so forth. The list is available at

These values are what a good (not average, but better than average!) player should do in a particular tank, and are based primarily on representative data collected from player game profiles (which include the damage information) and other sources.

expectedDamage = sum of all individual tank expected damages
 expectedDamageAdjustment = 0.975 // introduced on 25-Sep-2013
individual tank expected damage = battles * tankNominalDamage
damageRatio = playerDamage / (expectedDamage * expectedDamageAdjustment)
damageWeight = 1000
damageComponent = damageRatio * damageWeight

Tying it together

We simply add the winrate and damage parts of the rating together, but then apply low-tier and low-battle penalties in case the rating is excessively high for low-battle or low-average-tier players.

beforePenalties = winrateComponent + damageComponent
performanceRating = beforePenalties with "seal-clubbing" penalties applied

Low-tier and low-battle penalties for high-rating players only

First penalty threshold:
clearedFromPenalties1 = 1500 
expectedMinBattles1 = 500
expectedMinAvgTier1 = 6

Second penalty threshold:
clearedFromPenalties2 = 1900 
expectedMinBattles2 = 2000
expectedMinAvgTier2 = 7

Penalties only apply if beforePenalties rating is above the penalty thresholds, and it only applies to the portion of the rating which is above it. They only apply if either battle count or average tier is below the threshold values, in which case they slightly lower the part of the rating which is above the threshold.

Here is the penalties logic (applied twice for each of the two sets of penalty parameters):
subjectToPenalties = beforePenalties - clearedFromPenalties;
lowTierPenalty = max(0, 1 - (avgTier / expectedMinAvgTier)); 
lowBattlePenalty = max(0,  1 - (battles / expectedMinBattles)); 
whichPenalty = max(lowTierPenalty, lowBattlePenalty);
totalPenalty = min(pow(whichPenalty, 0.5), 1);
afterPenalties = subjectToPenalties * (1 - totalPenalty);
result = (clearedFromPenalties + afterPenalties);

Other aspects

The algorithm also notices missing battles from WG and attempts to make up for them in the expected damage.

I haven't fully described VK3601H malus application as it applies for extremely rare players. It basically boosts VK3601H expected damage in cases where a player has significantly better stats in it than other tanks. I'm tempted to just remove this logic altogether, as VK3601H hasn't been OP in a long time; maybe apply special processing to the few players who have mostly played VK3601H when it was OP and haven't played tanks much since.

Edit: September 1, 2013 - OP tank (VK3601H) handling has now been removed from the rating.

Final notes

I'm sure there will be plenty of people saying parameter X is too big, and others saying same parameter X is too small.

In practice, the NoobMeter Performance Rating works very well for ranking players, so as before, for me to seriously consider any changes they need to be accompanied by examples of where players are ranked incorrectly.

That being said, I'm as usual open and looking forward to constructive feedback on the website and the rating.


  1. I was wondering if you can look into why clan data WN7 overall and recent data pulled isn't matching the individual stat pages.

    Using myself as example from clan page
    Sort by WN7 recent I show up as 41st
    Recent WN7 of 1509

    but click on my name and you get Recent WN7 of 1770 and 7 day at 1640.

    Us Recruiters and DC's would like the Clan data to match the User's stats so we can monitor the teams progress as a whole and not have to build a spreadsheet from individual data.

    Maybe it's just a coding error of where it's grabbing the WN7 data.

    Thank you for the work you do and if you could check the CLAN data table so it grabs the correct WN7 that would be very nice.

    1. Well, the problem is that "recent" unfortunately means two different things in these two pages.

      The first "recent" is "as close to 30 days as known".

      The second "recent" is "as close to 24 hours as known".

      So the first recent is actually this:

      As you can see it matches the 1509.

      The second "recent" is actually this:

      As you see it matches the 1770.

      I agree it can be confusing; if you can suggest better names for this it would be great, I could change it.

    2. how about Daily WN7 for the 24hrs and Monthly WN7 for the 30 days.

    3. recent24h and recent30d for 24 hour and 30 day?

  2. Sorry for comment in wrong topic :)
    I come from VN server and my noobmeter profile has some problem. I can't see the detail of it
    Here is my profile page:
    May you repair for me? :)
    Sorry for my bad English.
    Thank you!

    1. Well, I'm using the following URL to retrieve your stats in JSON format, readable by NoobMeter:

      However, it does not work (returns "Lỗi máy chủ không xác định" instead of data).

      You may either want to create a ticket for WG with this, or otherwise ask on VN forums if there is some more accurate API to use.

  3. Unrelated but Tankstats has FV304 as a HT should be an SPG.

  4. just thinking about your performance formula.

    Have you considered the fact that most players tend to be close to average win ratio, and boosting your win ratio gets more and more difficult?

    the difference between 50 and 55 win ratio is smaller then between 55 and 60.

    Considering that linear effect of win ratio on rating may be considered inaccurate.

    Maybe you can use winrate ratio squared instead of simple win ratio.

    So for example lets consider players with 40, 50 and 60 win ratio

    atm theur WR component equals to 500* winratio / expected win ratio which is
    411.86, 514.83 and 617.79 respectively
    my suggestion would be to use 500*winratio*winratio/expectedwinratio/expectedwinratio what gives

    339.26, 530.09 and 763.34

    Of course it would boost the importance of Win ratio and greatly increased the result for players with high win rate with leaving result for players with average win rate practically untouched.

    Well, that's just an idea. I doubt that any hypothetical improvement of the ranking would be huge enough to justify such a remodeling.

    1. It's an interesting idea, but would give too big an advantage to account restarts, I think.

  5. Why don't any current rating algorithms (as far as I know) take into account XP per battle?

    Especially in the Performance Rating formula scouts seem to be screwed over big time.

    From what I understand XP is exposed by the API (unlike a lot of other things) and DOES include pretty much all battle actions.

    1. Because you get less XP without a premium account.

    2. Oh, I thought the public stats would be reporting raw XP, just like e.g. the Replays do... Well, someone should continue bothering WG about their crap API. ^^

    3. I read they plan to change it, but until then, we can't use this stats :(

    4. On ignoring XP, then why not multiply a standard account player's stats by 1.5. That's not hard to do, and is much better than the daft idea of basing it on win rate when there are 14 other people affecting that stat. XP is the main stat.

    5. could you critique my stats for me and tell me if there is anything I should be doing that im not?

  6. Wth is going on with these stats?

    H311fi5h question marks borking up everything. :P

    1. Thanks for the report; he plays some exotic LTP tank that wasn't in DB. Fixed now.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. You wrote kills are easy to farm, but they are still important. Same damage. But kills without dmg are not important, so maybe relate this 2 stats?
    Win rate is not linear, is impossible to get 100%, most people are between 45-65% overall.
    I think relate win rate with dmg-kill ratio be intresting, but scouts... And TD who farm dmg and kills, eg Foch 155 one round and have big dmg and maybe kills, I saw TD sit all time behind cap, and when it was lost and enemy get at cap, he get big dmg and kills (most at one shot) great in stats, but total useless for team.
    I must go job, so write more later.

  9. I have Adjusted avg. "tier: 11.76", how?
    And difrent stats from yesterday comparing to mywotstats.
    Somith is wrong ? :(


    2. Thanks for the report; I fixed the tiers of two french arties that I think you are playing, that is why the avg tier gets confused.

      I will fix this in a few days (need to recalculate old data).

    3. I have same, in my stats yesterday avg tier is 9.02, but I play max 9 tier tank.

      P.S. can u give some support line (email/form/forum) to not add comment in unrelated blog post.

    4. In theory is the EU support topic; in practice an actual support system would be better, something I need to do.

      In the meantime you can also send email to support at noobmeter dot com and it will reach me.

    5. But i dont play Aty yesterday, i have weird avg tier only from yesterday result.

    6. BTW avg tier issues should be fixed now.

  10. Hey, just looking to help out a bit. I had a look through your thread on the NA forums (I'm an SEA player who transferred over from NA, so I don't have an account to post there).

    You mentioned that you thought scout players would have problematic stats but since there were very few of them it wasn't a big issue.

    I'm primarily a scout player:

    As you can see, I have a very, very large variation in my efficiency and performance ratings. In fact, I have the largest variation mentioned in the thread (it was a topic of discussion).

    The next closest is a stat padder, NYPD with 355 difference:
    Performance rating: 1,953
    Efficiency rating: 2,308

    Where I have 433 difference (2-4x what most people have):
    Performance Rating: 1,449
    Efficiency Rating: 1,016

    I hope this helps. Interesting topic. I hypothesize that this is mostly because scout actions can't be measured for efficiency off the API. Fuck, they're barely even recognized by WG for XP rewards. However they still have an impact on game outcome.

    1. I wish WG would include damage upon spotting in the data feed :/

    2. I have a similar gap but am not sure why:
      PR- 1479
      ER- 996


    4. tomfi:
      PR: 1,316
      EF: 754
      difference: 562 or let say 57% of PR... beat me :D

      Performance Rating: 1,358
      Efficiency Rating: 864
      Difference: 494
      I found out why I have such a huge difference. I don't cap unless it's the only good option. Capture points farming boost ER. I won a game by capping when I was alone against 6 tanks and my ER went up with 6 or 7 points. It was the only match where I got any capture points in that session. So yea, I will continue to have low ER. But I will have more credits and XP than the cappers. It should be renamed into "Looser rating". Because getting less XP and credits in a match by capping instead of doing 1-2 extra shots and getting a lot more is NOT an efficient way to play.

  11. Scouts do a lot more things than that. One of the most valuable functions of a scout is the one that isn't measured at all by WG, which is that scouts get information for a team which inform decisions. This attracts no XP at all but is in my experience the single largest factor in games between reasonably competent teams.

    Having well positioned scouts tells you where the enemy is, where the enemy isn't, what the enemy is doing, or what the enemy isn't doing. A team with more information is more likely to make better tactical decisions which is more likely to result in a win than 1000-2000 "free" damage from spotting. If the information asymmetry isn't known to the other team, it's even more significant since it then feeds into mistaken decision cycles which result in more and more irrelevant decisions.

    In other games, this is considered the most important thing in the game (for example, DotA with wards). In WoT, it's not considered or rewarded at all.

    As scouts continue to be marginalised by developments in the medium lines, this remains the biggest difference in play between very experienced scout players and new high tier medium players who lack the experience in information gathering for their team and don't fully understand the importance of it.

    1. I absolutely agree with you, and you are explaining this very well. However, that part is hard to measure (well, "initial spots" tries to measure that but also rewards suicide spotting. So there is no easy solution.

      However, "Damage upon spotting" is a stat that would be quite easy to include, all the information is already there, it is simply a matter of WG choosing or not choosing to make it available.

    2. So, if i understad correctly, "damage upon spotting" is not include in the NobbMeter algorithm; this is right?

    3. still not? even though WoT changed the battle stats they show?

    4. This could be improved/fixed by actually adding a stat value and xp reward for spotting duration.

      I know for sure matches that I have decided by being patient in a bush, in my tier 10 medium, not firing a single shot so that TD's wiped out entire flank without getting a single hit on themselves.
      I ran out at the end, and finished off a couple of tanks, and my WN8 for the match was just sad.

    5. noobmeter would you please look up my acct: rockinjohn and tell me what if anything I should be doing better?

  12. When are the "recent" stats updated? When I enter my clan's stats I also see my overall stats but my recent WN7, recent performance, recent win ratio are not updated for the last 10 days. Can you look into it?
    My account: mach82

    1. By saying that the recent stats for my user in the clan's view are not updated, I meant that they are just empty

    2. It needs ~30 days data for the recent stats to be shown in clan screen. If you link your WG account to NM then it will pull data nightly and eventually get there.

    3. My WG account has been linked to NB for a few months. Recent result were shown correctly in the clan screen but somehow stopped showing roughly 10 days ago.

    4. In that case it is quite strange. If it doesn't fix itself in a few days I will investigate it further.

  13. OK, thx. It's quite strange to me. My profile is also not updated with the yesterday's results.
    EU server

    1. Quite a strange problem and I have no good explanation. Your account is linked properly, it has been updating every day except yesterday. Other accounts actually also failed update process, so I launched it manually - but they appear to have updated. Yours didn't. The logs don't seem to show anything bad related to your account (such as failure to update it).

      I don't have better ideas than waiting what happens tomorrow.


    2. Hey NoobMeter... It seems that a lot of NA accounts aren't updating correctly... Any idea one what WG broke?

    3. Can you give specific examples of such accounts?

    4. BTW Mar Chm / mach82 - your account has updated fine tonight.

  14. Hi,

    Thx for these great stats. It helped me play better. Recent results are more relevant than global stats :)

    But i have one question. Why most people think capping and defending are not important ?
    I understand it doesn't show true skills, but it helps the team winning.
    It's easier to farm damage (and kills) by camping than it is to cap.
    For example, if one flank manage to kill enemies and rush cap, it would force the other line to back up in defense. If so the other front line will be weakened and easier to beat. And if they don't they simply lose the game.

    Yesterday i played a battle on Port. we were about to win town and were leading 9 to 4. two ennemy meds rushed middle and capped. our meds decided to help the other battle front instead of backing at base. In the end we lost at capping leading 12 to 5. Players prefer to make damages than actually win the game.

    If capping and defending were taking more seriously, players would actually care about it.

    All parts of this game are important. If people want true skills, they have WN6 and 7 formula to look at. Your performance rating should take all part of the game in consideration !

    1. I agree. The problem with these algorythms is they are written by people better at coding than strategy. Base defense in not camping base. I find that you will see good players like Jingles and Quicky going back 100% of the time when they see their base is under threat. Continuing on to try to cap or out cap when you can just as easily eliminate the threat directly and win is poor judgement. I cant tell you how many games a month I save by being the guy that doesn't press on to the enemy cap when my own cap is under threat. Also kills are very important at 3hp or 3000. An enemy with 1 hp is just as able to fire his cannon as full hp. Sure its nice to be the one who gets the full damage hit but the kill shot is critical.

  15. I can see the comment that my rating is "Bad", but what I can't find anywhere is what your criteria would be for average or good. What score is considered average, what score is a godd score, etc.

    Thanks for this great service!


  16. Hi,

    Has anything changed with the performance rating in the last month? I ask as I have been tracking my stats on Excel and have spotted a drop of nearly 100 points that I can't account for. When I look at recent stats, I can't see anywhere where my performance has been that bad as to warrant such a fall. My Eff. WN6 and WN7 do not appear to have been effected. My username is flyingmanticore

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I have the same problem - my performance rating was about 1710 few weeks ago... I just realised it's 1660 now but can't see any drops in the history.


  17. My PR was to 1600 in May, after 1570 and after 1550 and now statistics continues to rise in all aspects. How is this possible, when my friends PR dont move ?


  18. About time some account was factored in by the actual vehicle played. High alpha TDs must inflict more damage than HTs at the same tier - to gain an equal rating. This is just and overdue.

  19. How do you calculate "expected WinRate"? Do you take the average Win rate for each tank driven and weight it by the percentage of times it was driven? Is it just a global Win Rate? Does it separate out or account for platooned games?

    I see no mention of Assistance In Damage? Is this like every other Eff Rating in that my skill providing spots is enhancing OTHER tank's scores via the damage they get while I get nothing?

    1. expectedWinrate = 0.4856 (global average)

      No separation of platooned games.

      Assisted damage is not available from WG in the API feed, that is why no ratings have it.

  20. Could u tell me how high my performance rating owuld be without the penalty???
    My account is

    my avg tier is below 6 and i have Wn7 rating of 2400
    thanks for answer ;)

  21. I have a questions about premium accounts. I only participate in public random battles. If I run a Tier 6 tank, under a standard account, I can earn credits from each battle. In order to compete when put into battles against Tier 8, I have to purchase gold ammo. If I'm put into 6 or 7 consecutive battles against Tier 8, this costs me too much and eventually I run out of credits, ammo and suffer in my performance. If I were running a premium account this would not happen. Doesn't this mean that standard accounts should receive some sort of uplift coefficient in the stats?

    1. As you will only very very rarely run into 6 or seven consecutive battles against tier 8, you should not have that much issues with paying for some (!) perimum shots.
      I have a prem account, but only a minor amount of credits go to prem ammo (not more than a few %). Most goes into buying new vehicles. Therefore one would have to consider that as well, that guys who don'Ät spend very much on new vehicles don't get that "bonus" even with no-premium account - it's not possible.
      And not necessary. As it's about what you achieve in the game. You might achieve more if you invest some $. Though in WOT, that difference is really minor. Main benefit is just speeding up the progress through the tech tree. Therefore, guys who invest $ may even have a disadvantage, as they gain less experience (not your crew, the player!) as you progress through the tree, being less experienced in higher tiers which weigh more anyway.

    2. I wonder if the premium account changes the kinds of battles that the matchmaker gives you. As a Tier 6 tank, under a standard account, I have to say multiple consecutive battles against Tier 8 happens regularly.

    3. I have made the same observation: Easier MM with premium account

  22. I think the rating ranks for the PR are too tough. From really good players I know, they are usually ranked one to two levels in PR worse than e.g. in Win7 (e.g. win7 "excellent", in PR only "good". Looking at the calculations, with a win rate of 50% and a damage equal to those on the tank list, one gets "only" 1500 PR (no penalties), which is just a bit above the threshold from average to good - regarding how high the damage on the tank list is, I think that those damage values should get one to the upper half of what "good" is, if not close to the "very good" border.
    Of course one could argue what "good" is - but I think two aspects should be considered here:
    1. it does not make much sense to call players in one system "very good" and the other only "average", given they do not farm for a particular rating-increasing value but play "normal". They should be close.
    2. It does not make much sense to give players only two values, "average" and "good", unless they are really absolute top players, while having 3 or 4 values which divide the tiny rest making up perhaps 2 % of the player base to "very good", "excellent", "uniqum" and "super uniqum". And that's how it looks like to me - maybe you could check your database if I am right or wrong here.
    I'd suggest a regrouping based on the % of players that would be in this group like this (rounded to the next sensible values then):
    very bad - lowest 5% (5% range)
    bad - 5% to 20 % (15 % range)
    below average - 20% to 49% (29% range)
    above average - 49% to 78 % (29% range)
    good - 78% to 93% (15% range)
    very good - 93% to 98% (5% range)
    excellent - 98% to 99% (1% range)
    Uniqum - 99% to 99.75% (0.75% range)
    Super Uniqum - 99.75% to 100% (0.25% range)

    I think that's more conistent with other ranks and gives a more appropriate description of ones skills as one word.
    Additionally, I think the penalties for low average tier should be increased a bit - perhaps there should even be hard limits, i.e. a 100% penalty, since a player that is only seal clubbing in Tier 3 shouldn't be more rated than "good", regardless of how good he is in making the game start difficult (and unfair) for new players. But that's just what I think :)

  23. Hello, i have the question of my rating during last two weeks.
    I think i often got a good result such as taking good damage during this period, but my rating was constantly down.(Although i mainly have ridden the cash tanks to earn the credits during last one week, but i got a lot of damage and experience of game result).
    I think that there is some errors in process of making my rating. So i want you check my rating... If there is true that this error is confirmed by checking process, plz correct my rating.

    this is my information : korea server, name is '콜로라도라도엘'

    I always thanks to your efforts, have a good day :-)

  24. Thanks for the hard work. I like PR because it is my best mark :-) Also, the system is straightforward. I may be penalized, as I have spent a LOT of time in my T1 Cunningham just working on skills. My goal has not been to score above average, but to finish games feeling that I had done a good job.
    So I may wind up being penalized, but frankly, I can't complain. And I suspect that I am a distinct minority in this sort of philosophy, the world doesn't revolve around my rating. I will use gold for the first time shortly, to bring gear from my T1 Heavy to the M6; been training the crew and saving XP.
    Thank you for making the information here easy to use and enjoyable to think about. Good stuff.

  25. To see the ranking equivalent to "Average", "Good" etc, see here

  26. Excellent work, thanks for all your efforts!

  27. Just to say "Thank You" for all the hard work. It is appreciated.

  28. i am relatively new to the game so please bear with me if this has been discussed before. What i dont understand if you want to measure performance is that survival is not taken into account anywhere. If i was in a real battle in a real tank, i am sure survival would be well placed in my to do list. The experience/ranking system does not seem to take care of that. For instance, if i am alone against 5 superior tanks close together, i win more points attacking one and dying 3 seconds later than by hiding and successfully escaping the battlefield - this sounds awfully wrong to me. I understand survival alone cannot be the sole factor (IRL it surely would) as the game could get boring but it should come to play somehow and if only for that reason it would reduce the number of suicide scouts.

    Thanks for reading this far.

    1. The mere act of surviving doesn't help your team win. If you're hiding, you're forcing others to carry your weight for you instead of carrying your own weight.

  29. Basically, the formula is close to:

    500 * yourWinrate / expectedWinrate
    1000 * yourDamage / expectedDamage

    However, winrates are usually in the 0.41 - 0.65 range. So that component gives about 240 points diff between a bot and a very good player. The damage component diff is way larger, AND has a twice as large multiplier as well! This makes so many people here asking to take such-and-such (capping, spotting etc) into account.

    I read that taking damage into account is because of platoon-based stat padding.
    Sooo.... Isn't it better (or: does WG give that output in its API) to simply exclude platoon battles? Yeah there are maybe a few guys who play in platoons only. So they won't have a PR. So what?

  30. This is all fine and dandy, but where does one go from below average to average to above average? What are the dividing lines? A chart would be nice to see.

  31. My performance rating never seems to go up. despite the fact i am in the green for all my stats. i don't agree with it and think its out of date or slightly flawed.

  32. Indeed, I am a noob. I will admit that. only lights and heavy do I apparently qualify in the "non noob" status.

  33. Hi NoobMeter, I noticed that my performance rating falls every time I start a new tank tech tree (Recently, the Russian Td Line). I think it is the Sealclubbing penalty :( Could you change the performance rating a bit to take into account starting new tank lines?

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. there needs to be a record of how long a player has played....added to the equation somehow....a player could be a very good beginner for example.....your chart does not account for this....or show it anywhere in the info. you could look a player up and see ok he is me.....but i have only been playing 4 months or so and with the same fomula i am rated/compared to people who have been playing for 3 years or something.... yes i get it "noob" but a begginer knows that he is a beginner....

  36. it also doesnt take in to consideration who is a tank and who is an arty.....arty's will by nature of your equations be "good" because of the amount of dmg they do per battle

    1. so its a rubbish site really

    2. Arty has to hit to do damage, and that hasn't been easy since Patch 8.6. People still bitch though. I have an M41, and believe me, I've probably had more zero damage dealt matches in it than I have in any other tank. Of course, I use American arty, and it has the worst accuracy.

  37. What about scouts? i helped to do 10K dmg on spoting... but in that rating system i dong give any atvantage

  38. That's why you'll have to analyze all raitings, and they're all here.

  39. Performance rating, WN7 and WN8 all do not properly calculate the performance of scouts. I know that spotted damage can not be seen in the data, but it can be estimated.
    If a scout has a lot of xp-points, but not much damage, it must be from spotted damage. Currently the ratings are really not very rewarding for scout players.
    You can spot 7000 damage, get Ace Tanker and still have poor ratings.
    Should be improved imho.

  40. Hello,
    I like NoobMeter so much, and I must say, it's one of the greatest Online Calculator I've ever seen.

    I got a problem and I don't know what to do about it.
    the Calculator on my account Dirtytiger in SEA Server can work normally.
    But I can't find myself in NA Server (the same account)

    Is it a bug of noobmeter?

  41. How is the efficiency rating calculated? The efficiency rating is used by XVM to rank/colour the players.

  42. Hello, My name is Headknocker and I would like to request a review of my WIN8 rating. It currently appears as 30 in XVM. I play with multiple players who's stats are not as good as mine and who are not near as good as players, but have a better WIN8. Is there a way for someone to pad their stats. There are many times I will not be invited to play in team and team companies because they say my WIN8 is too low and it has not changed in a very very long time. Can you please look into this matter and see if you can find an issue. Thank You very much!

  43. Для русского быдла не предусмотрено описание? Хочешь узнать учи инглиш(( - печаль.

  44. Why i have in my account this?

  45. Why my stats has updated last time on 24.3.2015?

  46. Where is the statistics to Sturer Emil tank?

    and the averenge winrate to:
    Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. H
    Type 97 Te-Ke
    Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. D

    Best regards,

  47. Dear NoobMeter,

    Just observing some 7k games now - I'm not the most experienced player - there is one crucial point that ruins your evaluation of Performance Rating:
    You can see a lot of "top performer" players with 1500+ WN8 or similar measure who are nothing but snipers hiding in the bushes and finishing off enemies opportunistically. Now this is not an issue if they play TDs, since thats the role. On the other hand if this is played by meds, heavies or lights, this only hinders winning the game.

    Essentially the win chance is not helped by these guys, although they might damage a lot, since the role they should be filling in has to be compensated by everybody else. Thus it might be that the guy having the highest blocks and least damage is the real hero winning the match.

    This you cannot and will not recognize with your win + dmg measure.


  48. You say that assist damage is available but, as far as i can tell, it's still not being used. My stats are abysmal because I play exclusively light tanks. I'm a good scout and I love it when I get 3K assist damage without a shot fired and zero damage to myself (except for blind shots or own TDs shooting over my shoulder and bouncing one off me). Come on, noob meter, help a scout out!

  49. WTF is Efficiency Rating?
    Usually when I get a good WN8 score I get a low ER.
    pretty weird.

  50. Your link to (given under the "Damage component"- section) doesnt work (anymore).

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