Wednesday, 19 June 2013

WoT patch 0.8.6 and impact on NoobMeter

There have been some issues with nightly updates in the last few days.

The first reason was that I botched a disk array update which was needed as the old ones couldn't cope with the workload, and it had some lagging effects with the update jobs not firing.

Recently I found a second issue - WarGaming have slightly changed the URLs used to search for user data in 0.8.6, and NoobMeter was still using old ones, therefore not getting data updates from WarGaming properly.

I've fixed this issue now, and restarted the data update manually, so it should work now.

The remaining issue is, of course, the artillery reshuffle for which I have to update the parameters in the database. I expect it will take a bit of time to iron out all the issues (though of course that applies to all ratings, not just Performance Rating).

In any case, thanks to everyone who is supporting NoobMeter, whether by donations or by reporting problems so they can be fixed.


  1. Hi there..

    Could you answer please more directly why my WN6-7 Has dropped 35 points within this day ?

    If the formulas havent changed i cant see why this should happen? As a matter of fact i've worked my but off to get it up and now it drops 35 points in a day yet my battles played counter keeps going up ?

    Anyway i appreciate your work and hope you keep doing improvements but i can imagine many people will be pissed off with this.

    So last question would be, is this gonna be reverted back ? Or are the points just gone and we the players are none the wiser ?

  2. Yeah noticed oddness also :D

    Efficiency old: -17
    Efficiency: -8
    WN6: -35
    WN7: -35

    Just in one day :)

  3. The formulas haven't changed, but the tank tiers have as most of the arties have been moved up a tier (only for EU and RU servers so far, but NoobMeter only has tank tiers defined globally, not per server)

  4. That still doesnt answer why the stats have dropped, last time i checked both wn6 and wn7 dont calculate adjusted tier level ?! and if they will this be reverted back ?

    1. WN6 and WN7 both use avg tier (not adjusted, but avg).

      Therefore, when tanks jump in levels, then calculated avg tier changes.

      If rating formulas depend on it, they will change.

  5. I feel mad at some of the comments on the bottom of my player page.
    Some users of the game community had played a joke on me.
    DISQUS? How can I delete this comments?

    1. Actually I think you cannot, you can just flag them and then I can remove them.

      In the future provide the link to the page in question.

      But in practice in this case I know which page it refers to.

      I will think of a better long-term solution. For now I removed guest ability to comment.

    2. I too I feel mad at some of the comments on the bottom of my player page.
      Can you tell me how to delete?

  6. I have noticed that the arty has not yet been fully updated for 8.6.

    My stats are showing I have SU 14-2 when I have SU 14-1. I also cannot find the the new T4 german arty on my vehicles list but I am sure i played a few games in it

    1. The name of SU-14-1 was corrected, thanks for the report (other stats were correct for it, just name was wrong).

      For new t4 German arty, do you mean "PzSfl IVb"? Also I cannot find kharsis666 account on any of the servers so cannot check.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Thank you for fixing that.

    Just checked my profile and actually didn't use PzSfl IVb.

    User name is Kharsis on NA server

  8. Where can I report bugs ?

    I have a screen shot showing the "Most Recent" missing kills.

    Thanks, Hautedaug NA server

  9. Good afternoon! Tell, whether it is possible to hide or remove intervals of viewing of statistics? Thanks in advance.

  10. mam konto po resecie prosze o aktualizacje statystyk historia clanu itd nick neros2402

  11. I have an after reset please update statistics clan history etc nickname neros2402

  12. Hey there seems to be an error where French arty B-C 155 58 is not showing in top tiers - seems to have been like this for a while.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.