Thursday, 20 June 2013

"Why have my ratings changed!?"

I'm getting quite a few questions about changes to rating values, mostly in the form of "why have my ratings changed?"

The short answer is - ratings have changed because 0.8.6 did a big artillery reshuffle.

Basically, most of the high-tier arties got raised a level or two in 0.8.6, so for people who played these SPGs their average tier went up. And because all the ratings use average tier information (some directly, some less directly), the ratings change from that (most by quite small values).

I have already adjusted Performance Rating a bit to compensate for that (for example, I removed the "average tier adjustment" of +2 tiers for SPGs that was there). Still I will check later on if  more tweaks are needed.

For WN7 and ER I don't control these formulas so I will wait until their creators decide to change them (or decide to leave them as they are).

But in any case - these changes apply consistently to everyone, and I retro-fitted them to previous snapshots to avoid any strange "ratings jumps", so hopefully they don't cause much disruption.

P.S. Also, the biggest confusion is for servers where 0.8.6 is not applied yet, so they will see their t8 arties as t10 arties already in NoobMeter. Hopefully they get 0.8.6 soon and all is well again.

P.P.S. Creators of ER rating have declared they will not adjust the ER formula, but will adjust the way it is interpreted.

Inconsistent data in WG feed - update

The inconsistent data problem appears to have become worse for the EU server.

If previously WarGaming didn't include M4A2E4 Sherman and KV-220 Action into its feeds any more, then now also M6A2E1 tank (the t8 heavy that looks like a goose or something), M60 Sherman, E-25 and others are missing.

I had been hoping it will get better, not worse. :(

If anyone has any direct or semi-direct WarGaming development contacts, I'd be quite interested to have a short chat with them to explain the issue, as I'm not sure my support tickets are reaching the right people.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

WoT patch 0.8.6 and impact on NoobMeter

There have been some issues with nightly updates in the last few days.

The first reason was that I botched a disk array update which was needed as the old ones couldn't cope with the workload, and it had some lagging effects with the update jobs not firing.

Recently I found a second issue - WarGaming have slightly changed the URLs used to search for user data in 0.8.6, and NoobMeter was still using old ones, therefore not getting data updates from WarGaming properly.

I've fixed this issue now, and restarted the data update manually, so it should work now.

The remaining issue is, of course, the artillery reshuffle for which I have to update the parameters in the database. I expect it will take a bit of time to iron out all the issues (though of course that applies to all ratings, not just Performance Rating).

In any case, thanks to everyone who is supporting NoobMeter, whether by donations or by reporting problems so they can be fixed.

Friday, 14 June 2013

NoobMeter downtime - SOLVED

The database server was acting up and not letting me do backups properly (after I migrated to the new disk array). I thought a reboot may help, but a reboot kind of killed it altogether and it wouldn't boot any more.

I'm now doing a reinstall, then will re-attach the database, then will boot it up again and hopefully it works without any data loss.

But for now NoobMeter is down and the most optimistic scenario has it back up in about 1 hour. The most pessimistic is a lot worse.

Sorry about this.

Edit - And it's back and it only took about 40 minutes. But I may have to retry the exercise at some other time as it's still not behaving properly.