Sunday, 26 May 2013

Inconsistent data in WG feed

Some of you may have noticed that the average tier values are incorrect in the recent results screens for some players.

The root cause of the issue is that WG new web interface does not include some beta tanks, such as KV-220 action and M4A2E4 Sherman in the tanks list, but it still includes battles played in them in the total battles and other stats.

You can check whether you are affected by either comparing your in-game tanks list with your WG web feed tanks list, or by looking at the WG web feed tanks list sub-totals (under "Vehicles", adding them up, and then comparing that sum with the "Number of battles" on top.

Also, have deployed a new version of NoobMeter which displays a warning for users affected in NoobMeter.

The calculated Performance Rating for players affected is going to be at least somewhat imprecise. Other ratings don't use the tanks list for a more sophisticated assessment of player performance, and are therefore not affected. Edit - Actually, other ratings are affected as they use average tank tier, and that cannot be calculated accurately without an accurate tanks list. However, this likely affects all rating sites - at least the biggest one I checked still has WN7 rating matching NM, while the other one was down.

I and some other players have submitted a ticket to WG, so they should be aware of the problem and will hopefully fix it.