Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Vietnamese server URLs

The Vietnamese server has changed the URLs (getting 404 errors on links that worked before), statistics updates for Vietnamese players are no longer possible until I know what it was changed to.

So please - if you have an account on the Vietnamese server, drop me a message - I will explain what I would like you to ask your community administrators to make sure NoobMeter works for you again.

Or if you know what the URLs were changed to, please drop me a message too. Thanks!


  1. I'm from Viet Nam. How can I help you to make noobmeter work with Vietnamese server again?

  2. Now I access 2 URLs:
    1. http://wot.go.vn/default.aspx
    2. http://portal-wot.go.vn/

    The first to know news and the second to check my/others info.

  3. Previously there was an URL like this:

    Which returned the JSON data for a player. This is similar how every other server does it, for example:

    However, the VN server URL no longer works and gives a 404. Probably the service was moved to some other server.

    Could you please ask the VN server community administrators where it was moved? Thanks!