Thursday, 11 April 2013

Changes to signature functionality

I've had to make some changes to signature functionality. The previous functionality had some subtle problems, which combined with the continuously increasing user numbers lead to instability of the whole website at times. During this and last week I've tried to resolve it, but without success.

Therefore I made the decision to change the whole approach to generating and serving signatures to offload the server.

There are some side effects - signatures will be updated on a nightly basis and only for registered users for the main account linked. Also, the "unofficial colour customization features" no longer work. I need to think about how to add them back properly - I would have liked to do it before making the change, but having the server having issues nearly every day, even if only for some minutes, is something I felt is a bigger problem.

In the end, I expect this change to lead to a more stable server.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Vietnamese server URLs

The Vietnamese server has changed the URLs (getting 404 errors on links that worked before), statistics updates for Vietnamese players are no longer possible until I know what it was changed to.

So please - if you have an account on the Vietnamese server, drop me a message - I will explain what I would like you to ask your community administrators to make sure NoobMeter works for you again.

Or if you know what the URLs were changed to, please drop me a message too. Thanks!